This 23-Year-Old Woman Is Dating A 45-Year-Old Man So She Can Get a Rental Car

Age can feel like a meaningless identifier until we suddenly judge someone based on their age – especially when renting a car. Society continues to reinforce cultural and societal norms, but 23-year-old Christie Mattis of Boulder, CO is defying all the rules by dating her 45-year-old boyfriend who rents cars for her!


To Christie, age is just a number. But to rental car companies, it’s a liability.


“I rented my first car as soon as I turned 21, but I didn’t think it was fair that they hit me with a young renters surcharge, like an extra $20 per day. I’m very mature for my age,” Christie shared. “Plus they told me I was restricted to specific car classes, which is total bullshit.”


Bullshit, indeed, Christie! Christie then shared how fortunate she felt when she met Gene Butler, 45, after he sent her a DM request on her Instagram.


“At first I thought it was kinda creepy because this guy sliding into my DMs is double my age. Then I tried to be more positive about seeing people for who they are and welcome men into my life who can get me cheaper car rental rates,” she explained.


“Christie is pretty young, but something about her maturity attracted me,” Gene reflected. “Maybe it was that picture of her in a bathing suit or something I saw.”


“He keeps telling me how millennials are obsessed with renting things instead of buying them, and it’s like, I freelance for four different apps.”, Christie divulged. “How could I afford a car?”


Sounds like Gene just doesn’t get the implications of car rentals!



But when asked about what the future holds for these two lovers, Christie said, “I want to take control of my narrative and what dating means to me, so I think we’ll reevaluate when I’m 26.”


Fortunately, they seemed to share the same relationship goals!


“Yeah, 26 might be too old for me, anyway,” Gene commented.