Shitty Day Just Continuing?

Wow! What started as an incredibly shitty day for you seems to just…keep going for some reason???


You awoke to a parking ticket and a weird text from your ex, but that’s not all. This day just keeps relentlessly throwing heaps of shit on you.


When you got into work, your internet was being weird. You took deep breaths out of concern that your shitty attitude was just clouding your judgment, but even after several deep breaths and speaking the words, “What am I missing?” at your computer, the problem persisted.


Coworkers agree this day fucking sucks.


There is no coffee left in the break room and also…why is your hair like this?!


At lunch, you tried to soothe yourself with some comfort food but the restaurant you like changed the menu to mostly things you don’t like.


WTF, day?


The friends you texted unanimous agree: “That all sucks.”



You were hoping to get off work early to get a drink or something but all your friends are all busy, and one was maybe not busy but just canceled last-minute. No, that’s not a joke. This day is that bad.


At press time you went to the bathroom to find that someone had sprayed pee all over the toilet seat, but you found out too late.


Sources confirm that you better get the fuck to bed before you’re hit by a bus or something.