QUIZ: Should You Be Unproductive and Calm or Productive and Anxious?

Finding a stable work-life balance can be tough for anyone, but it’s important to keep tabs on how often you’re relaxing and recharging as well as how often you work hard enough to send yourself spiraling into a panic attack. If you’re finding it difficult to balance your workload with the everyday joys of life, then take this quiz to find out if you should spend your time being unproductive and calm, or productive and anxious!


Do you have any deadlines due today?

1. Nope – my day is wide open!

2. I have five work projects due by the end of day today, and I also have to do laundry, clean my house, and buy groceries. I honestly shouldn’t be taking this quiz right now.


How stressed have you been this week?

1. I’ve been overworking myself a lot lately and I think I deserve a break.

2. I haven’t been stressed at all because I’ve been putting everything off until today.


How many TV shows do you have to catch up on?

1. So many! Plus, I’ve been really itching to rewatch Breaking Bad.

2. That is the absolute least of my worries today? Why would you even ask that?


Would you rather feel accomplished or like you wasted the day away?

1. Hey, it’s not really a waste if I’m recharging, right? It’s important to relax once and a while.

2. I have to get groceries because I’ve been eating ramen noodles three times a day for a week straight, so accomplished, I guess, if that means I will eat some kind of protein tonight.


What sounds better to you right now: scrolling on your phone or attacking that to-do list?

1. Oh, definitely scrolling on my phone, while sitting on the couch and watching Breaking Bad, preferably!

2. I literally need to finish my work projects today or else I’ll get fired. My boss has already given me two warnings this month.





Mostly 1s: Yay! It sounds like you’ve been working hard lately and could really benefit from kicking back and having a day where the only thing you have to accomplish is taking care of yourself! Go ahead and be unproductive and calm. You won’t regret it at all!


Mostly 2s: Sorry you’re really stressed out right now, but you should absolutely get going on all the things you have to get done today. Please stop procrastinating. Sure, you’ll be extremely anxious all day, but it’ll be worth it, hopefully! At least you can relax during the 10 free minutes you’ll have before you fall asleep with all of your clothes on tonight!