QUIZ: Is Your Attachment Style Anxious, Avoidant, or Divergent?

Before you enter a relationship, it’s important to understand your own attachment style and learn how to counteract any insecurities you might have. Do you cling to love, run from it, or are you an unspeakable, dangerous entity that threatens the very foundation of our faction system? Take this quiz to definitively find out if your attachment style is anxious, avoidant, or if you’re divergent, goddamnit.


In a relationship, what is your greatest fear?

1. Abandonment.

2. Loss of independence.

3. Fear? I do not fear. I’m brave. Come to think of it, I am also smart and selfless and honest and kind. Weird.


When are you most likely to pick a fight?

1. When I feel like my partner is going to leave me.

2. When I feel like my partner is demanding too much of me. 

3. When I am put into a box. Boxes can’t contain me…


Are you attuned to your partner’s needs?

1. Yes! Oftentimes at the expense of my own. 

2. Not really, but I’m sure if they needed something they’d say so.

3. What’s with all this “partner” stuff? I’m a lone wolf. Who sent you? 


How would you describe your childhood?

1. My parents were pretty inconsistent in meeting my emotional needs.

2. Mine were pretty strict and distant. I was expected to be independent from a young age.

3. Childhood after the war was despondent. I grew up in Abnegation, one of the five factions, and was expected to fall right into being selfless like my peers, but something always felt wrong. I struggled with instincts I couldn’t understand. Oh, my parents? Pretty chill!


A dog is running at you. You could grab a chunk of meat or a knife. Which do you choose?

1. Wait, sorry, what does this have to do with attachment?

2. Yeah, I don’t understand how this relates to relationships.

3. Trick question. Both. 



Mostly 1s: You have an anxious attachment style. You want to be close to others but fear they won’t want to be close to you, so you sacrifice your needs for theirs.

Mostly 2s: You have an avoidant attachment style. You’re so afraid of sacrificing your independence that you shy away from emotional intimacy. 

Mostly 3s: In here, quick. We never thought it could happen, but you’re divergent. You can’t be tied down. Your mind works in a million ways. You could be our savior or our downfall. But only one thing is certain: you’re different. Like, really different. And different is scary. Congrats!