QUIZ: Is He Criticizing Biden in a Republican Way or in a Cool Way?

So, you’ve found a total hottie you could be into – congrats! But you also hear him saying our 46th president’s name in an accusatory tone, which could be a total red flag or a total green flag. Is he an avid Fox News consumer or is he making some really fair points about the failures and inactions of our current administration? Take this quiz to find out if his political views are derived from drinking the Republican Kool-Aid or just being cool.


What was his major in college?

  1. Economics or Business – something finance related at UPenn.
  2. Sociology with a minor in Ethnic Studies at a liberal arts school.


How does he connect the words “socialist” and “Biden”?

  1. After seeing how much beer was at the bar, he went on a rant about how Biden’s socialist policies were causing inflation to skyrocket.
  2. He reminisced about his time in college when he and his fellow Democratic Socialists of America buddies road tripped to DC and lobbied Biden’s administration to support Medicare for All.


Why is he upset at Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan?

  1. He’s upset that Biden is giving handouts that taxpayers pay for, even though his own small business of reselling shoes on Depop got a forgiven PPP loan during the pandemic.
  2. He’s upset that Biden didn’t cancel all student debt and eliminate the growing interest rates because he understands that the student loan industry is inherently predatory and long-term fixes to the system can make secondary education an actually productive tool for economic mobility.


What’s his views on Congressional Democrats?

  1. He’s extremely frustrated with the Democrats’ “woke” agenda and how they’re trying to ban children from reading Dr. Seuss books. He also slipped in a few “Crazy Nancy Pelosi” a couple times.
  2. He’s extremely frustrated with the Democrats’ performative wokeness despite their lack of mobilization to pass critical legislation on issues such as police reform and workers’ rights that they campaign but don’t follow through on.




Mostly 1s: Damn, looks like he’s been reading too much New York Post and is criticizing Biden in a Republican way. Better release him back to the sea and keep fishing for a keeper!

Mostly 2s: Nice! Sounds like he’s critical of our current POTUS in a healthy, politically thoughtful way with researched, nuanced reasons to back it up. Wow, did you feel that? Feels like husband material!