QUIZ: Would Lorde Think You’re Cool?

With the release of Melodrama, Lorde has officially avoided the sophomore slump, solidifying her status as a gifted songwriter and someone that you, on a deep psychological level, would need to like you if you were to meet. Are you wild yet introverted, youthful but containing the wisdom of generations of heartbreak enough for Lorde to think you are cool? Take this quiz to find out.


At parties, you are:

  1. Having more fun than anyone.
  2. A wallflower.
  3. At the center of it all, but you sometimes feel as though you are observing the dancing, hookups and imbibing of your peers from a vast distance. When there’s a lull, you walk out to the balcony and take in the sea breeze. What a strange and beautiful world we live in.


What were you like as a teenager?

  1. A rule breaker.
  2. A model student.
  3. International popstar, but sooooo down to earth.


After a breakup, how do you make yourself feel better?

  1. Rebound, baby!
  2. Take it easy with some ice cream and your favorite films.
  3. With time, come to realize that heartbreak has informed your artistic perspective, giving you the ability to engage with a canon of breakup music and literature that hitherto provided you with more of a feeling than a connection to your life. While not denying your pain or pretending you’re over it, you use your breakup to fuel your creative endeavors, all the while keeping in mind that these are the tragedies that have pained generations of young teens and 20-somethings for centuries and will no doubt seem almost funny to you in the years to come.


How would you describe your fashion sense?

  1. Fun and flirty.
  2. Comfy casual.
  3. Wild-haired spindle-fingered party witch.



If you got mostly A’s:
You love to have fun, and you’re always up for an adventure. Lorde would probably admire, even envy, your free spirit. Congratulations!

If you got mostly B’s:
You’re a homebody, and you’d prefer to be home reading a book than out with your friends. Lorde will probably still think you’re cool. She seems really nice.

If you got mostly C’s:
You’re either Lorde or trying too hard to be Lorde. Just be you; she loves authenticity.

If you got a mixture of A’s, B’s, and C’s:
Like Lorde, you contain multitudes. Nice! She’ll probably invite you to her next conceptual house party.