QUIZ: Is She Cool or Just Pairing Patterns With Reckless Abandon?

When it comes to giving off a cool vibe, making bold sartorial choices with confidence goes a long way. Being a trendsetter means having an eye for pulling together uniquely stylish ensembles, but it can be difficult to discern if someone fashion forward or simply doing a whole lot with patterns. Take this quiz to find out whether she’s cool, or just pairing insane patterns with reckless abandon.


Does she follow seasonal trends?

  1. More often than not her style seems to predict new trends, and by the time they’re in the mainstream, she’s moved on.
  2. No matter the season, you are guaranteed to find gingham, florals, and houndstooth on her body at the same time.


How would you describe her style?

  1. Chic, original, inimitable.
  2. A cross between an old-timey pirate and every scarf my grandmother owns.


Does she accessorize inventively?

  1. Yes! She was tying bandanas elegantly around her neck years before the rest of us.
  2. Kind of! Yesterday she was wearing an airbrushed hat with someone else’s name on it that she found at a bar. Does that count?


What word comes to mind when you look at her outfit?

  1. “Visionary.” I never would have thought to wear this because I am not an effortlessly cool genius like this woman obviously is.
  2. “Ouch.” That is too many patterns on one person and it is making my eyes feel bad!


What fabric embodies her look?

  1. Linen or silk.
  2. A collage made from Us Weekly covers.


How do you feel when you see her strutting down the street?

  1. Inspired to live my best life and take chances with my own style.
  2. Confused, then shocked, then sleepy.





Mostly As: This woman is the queen of cool. She can create a brilliant ensemble out of the simplest garments and always brings out the best of the pieces she puts on.


Mostly Bs: It sounds like she’s just pairing patterns like an absolute maniac. She probably looks like a picnic basket exploded. But honestly? That is kind of cool! Keep rocking it, crazed patterns goddess.