4 Halloween Costumes That’ll Make Him Say ‘Oh Cool Yeah I Haven’t Seen that Show’

Halloween season is fast approaching, so it’s time to get your costume ready! And with this year’s crop of popular television shows, you’ll have no shortage of imitable TV characters to portray at your next big party. Of course, your crush won’t recognize you as any of them, and that’ll be embarrassing because you worked really hard on your outfit, but no worries! Here are 4 Halloween costumes that’ll have him saying “Oh cool yeah, I haven’t seen that show haha.”


A Handmaid from The Handmaid’s Tale

With some sturdy white cardstock and a couple of yards of crimson fabric, you’ll easily transform into one of the handmaids from The Handmaid’s Tale. And while literally every single woman at any Halloween party you attend will get your costume instantly, the one guy you want to recognize you will be all like “Yeah I don’t think I know that show. Is that on HBO or something? I don’t have that channel.” Under his eye, we guess!


Janet from The Good Place

Head to your local thrift store to find a ruffley patterned button down and purple vest and skirt set, and you’ll be turning heads at the office costume contest as Janet from The Good Place. Everyone you see will tell you how accurately you nailed the look, except that guy, who apparently doesn’t have a television or the internet or a Twitter account? He’ll say something like “I mean, it looks kind of familiar. Never seen that show though.” I bet you’re glad you tried so hard!


Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black

All the parents our trick or treating with their kids will stop you on the streets to say, “Oh look, it’s Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black. So will all the people at the bar! Every single person you encounter will make the connection instantly and praise you for how on point your costume is, with the single exception of the one man you’re trying to impress, who will have no clue who you are or what show the character you’re dressed as is from. “Is it from that one movie?” he’ll ask, “I don’t think I’ve seen it.”



Midge Maisel from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Scour your favorite vintage stores for 1950s era coordinates, make a list of your best jokes, and get ready to have the most identifiable character costume at the Halloween potluck! All your friends will know exactly who you’re dressed up as, but even once you start your comedy routine into the vintage mic you brought with you for effect, the guy you want to notice you will look at you confusedly until you explain as he responds, “Uhhh, no, I don’t think I’ve seen that show. Sorry.” and immediately move on with his night! Guess you should just fuck off, huh? Haha, this was so worth it!


Try any of these fun costumes this Halloween, and in no time, the man of your dreams will be casually dismissing all the effort you put into it with a quick “Oh hm, that’s rad but I don’t think I’ve seen that show.” Hahahaha! Try not to think about crawling into a hole and staying there forever!