This New Dating App Lets You Focus In On All This Guy’s Hotter Friends

Depending on your dating preferences, there are dozens of apps out there to help you find that special someone. If you like to make the first move, there’s Bumble. If you want to hook up and never look back, swipe through Tinder. But those options pail in comparison to this new app called No, Not You, Him, which lets you swipe through profiles of eligible bachelors, and then contact their much hotter friends.


“I realized that women were constantly seeing guys in the background of profiles that are significantly better looking that the guy they’re swiping on,” says Lindsay Frankel, the founder of No, Not You, Him. “I created an app that lets you say ‘over my dead body’ to this guy’s profile, and instead helps you learn about his hotter, taller and more confident friends.”


The app allows you to click on the fuzzy faces in the background of pictures and locate their profiles so you can immediately abandon the less attractive guy in hopes you match with his hot friend.


Users of No, Not You, Him are already raving about the app’s ability to match them with the chill and hot friends of the guy standing behind the dude trying way too hard in his profile pic.


“Everyone’s always asking where the hot guys are and I am here to report they are the guys standing next to the uggos,” says Angelique Davis, a early adopter of the app. “I’m so glad there’s finally an app that lets me identity the man who’s been cropped out of a photo so only his big hunky arm is showing so I can go on a date with him.”


“Soooo many girls are coming out of the woodwork saying I caught their attention which is cool,” says Eric Donovan, who’s been spotted on his friend Rich Cassidy’s profile. “I’m so glad I was there standing behind Rich when he caught that big fish. I mean, I feel bad for Rich, but this is a cool moment for me.”


“This app is fucking bullshit,” says Rich Cassidy. “Why is it trying to pit me against my friend Eric? I know he’s hot, okay?? This is so fucking dumb.”



Despite negative feedback from certain devastated men, this app has done incredibly well in its first three months, and is projected to reach two million users by the end of the year.


“People seem to really love that it feels like old fashioned courtship again,” says Frankel, the founder. “When people say how did you meet, you really can say through a mutual friend!”