Twinge: A New Dating App Connects People Who Suck

“My mom says I’m unlovable. Guys tend to dislike me immediately,” says Janice Smithson, after months of unsuccessful online dating. But Janice found renewed hope when she heard about Twinge, a new app that pairs people who are too ugly, awkward, boring, and terrible for other dating sites into happy, unlikeable couples.


“We believe that there really is someone out there for everyone. Even for people who are considered awful by normal standards,” says Twinge founder Eileen Brant.


The three-month-old site has over 16,000 users, many of whom left other dating sites due to lack of success, or when disgusted users flagged their profiles as “inappropriate.” Typical users include people with three or more pets, polyamorists, ex-reality TV stars, and self-proclaimed Juggalos.


“I was kicked off other dating sites for being too creepy,” says Twinge user Robert Anthony. “But after two hours on Twinge I met Rosa, and now we’re going to take pictures of mannequins in the lingerie department at Macy’s together this Friday. I can’t wait!”



Like eHarmony, Twinge matches people based on similar traits. Even if those traits (such as a fondness for colonial craft fairs) are unattractive to the general population.


Users of other online dating sites are also praising Twinge. “I went on a date with this guy I met on Christian Mingle. He talked about Star Trek for three hours straight, so I recommended that he join Twinge. I feel better knowing that I saved another girl from going through what I went through,” says Staci Dougherty, normal woman.


Twinge has given users like Janice Smithson hope for a romantic future. “I just know there’s a guy out there who doesn’t mind someone who chews her own toenails. And I know that guy is on Twinge.”