QUIZ: Is He Quiet and Mysterious or Just Obeying the Laws of the Library?

Ooh, the new guy you’re crushing on is so hot and mysterious! It’s so sexy how he doesn’t really talk that much, and when he does, it’s barely above a whisper. But wait a second – have you considered this might just be because you guys are in the library right now and he takes the laws of the library very, very seriously? Take this quiz to find it out if your crush is a stoic hottie or just a devout follower of library dogma!


Where are you right now?

  1. In a location other than a library.
  2. In the library, but surely this is a coincidence!


Has he ever told you to “Shhh”?

  1. No, he doesn’t seem to be policing my speaking volume.
  2. Yes, a couple times, actually. And once to all the people around us, too. But I just assumed that was part of his strange charm…


What’s going on inside that head of his?

  1. It’s anybody’s guess, and a girl is dying to know! God, he’s such an enigma.
  2. No idea! I mean, he did whisper to me once that he constantly thinks about 21 Jump Street. But surely there’s more, right?


Has he ever gone Live on Instagram?

  1. He doesn’t even know what that is. Mmmm, what a sexy old soul.
  2. What? No! Okay, fine. Just once. But I bet he was doing it ironically.


If he could, would he be humming or whistling right now?

  1. No way. This stoic man knows better than to make noise out of his mouth.
  2. To be honest, yeah. I can just see it in his eyes that he wants to.




Mostly 1s: Look at you! You’ve got your hands on a true strong, silent type, and it has nothing to do with the volume code of your current location! He is a true mystery, and cracking that egg will take more than leaving the library. Enjoy the chase! Take some time every day to fantasize about what he might say to you when he decides to finally speak.

Mostly 2s: Unfortunately for you, your crush is just a regular guy who happens to be strictly obeying the laws of the library right now. Back to the drawing board! But don’t be too hard on yourself – it’s an easy mix-up to make. On the bright side, this explains why he reported you to the librarian.