QUIZ: Are You One of the Guys or Are You Not Okay With Casual Sexism?

There’s nothing cooler than a woman who can hang with guys, toss back a beer and watch the big game! Men just love a chill gal who’s down to hang and maybe even make some offhand sexist jokes, just like bros do. Take this test to find out if you’re “one of the guys” or if you’re actually totally not cool with casual sexism.


What are your hobbies?

A: Girly things, like getting your nails done and reporting sexual harassment.

B: Playing “real” video games (the violent ones that let you kill sex workers haha!!).


Do you hang out with girls?

A: Yeah!

B: Nah, girls are too emotional. I love that my guy friends silently let their resentments fester until their relationships are irreparable. Nice!


How do you feel about terms like “Social Justice Warrior” and “Feminazi”?

A: Ugh, just another way to silence women.

B: I dunno but I know I’m not a feminist because I don’t hate men!! I love them! They’re my best friends!


Are you like other girls?

A: Maybe? I dunno.

B: Naw, dude! I’m different from the other girls and I know this because that’s what my guy friends tell me. They say stuff all the time like “You’re different. You don’t bug out when you’re on your period and shit like that.” Lol so true! I don’t!


Your friends judge a girl for wearing a skin-tight mini skirt. How do you react?

A: I would kick their asses if it weren’t for the fact that I’m wearing an even tighter and shorter mini-skirt right now. I look fly as hell!

B: I agree! What an attention whore. Plus my friend Scott said the skirt is too small on her, and I agree that Scott should have a say in what women wear! I’m that chill!


Do you wear makeup?

A: Yes, I love makeup!

B: Yes but I’m also totally down to judge other women who do! I mean, like if the guys are ragin’ her for it! Haha.






Mostly A’s: You’re not okay with casual sexism! You’re not here for comments cutting down other women, but you might be called “bitchy,” “girly” and “high maintenance” for that as a result. Good for you for sticking to your morals!


Mostly B’s: Congrats! You’re a super cool girl who would rather skateboard and make fun of girls with guys, than do superficial stuff like support other women. You know your bros will always have your back, unless you wear the wrong thing or disagree with their misogyny. Then they’re gonna be PISSED! Yay! That’s true friendship!