5 Snack Ideas if Your Nails and Cuticles Aren’t Enough

You’re a nervous gal! And whether you’re actually hungry or just extremely anxious, it’s not unusual to find you chewing away at your own flesh during the day. But if you’ve already eaten every last bit of nail and cuticle and you still find yourself hungry, try one of these tasty snack options to tide you over until everything grows back.


Nut mix

Work stress has caused you to chew on your nails and the skin surrounding them until they started gushing blood but unfortunately, your stomach is still growling. Why not keep a nice nut mix around when you need some energy between meals? The nuts provide more protein than your flimsy skin and tiny nails, and eating them won’t cause you bodily harm.


Pita chips with hummus

You have a date tonight, which means you’re going to town on your digits. All day long you’ve been gnawing on your nails and cuticles, but now they’re bloody and raw and you’re still hungry! Luckily, pita chips and hummus are a great alternative to human flesh, providing the satisfying crunch that your unhealthy nails can no longer manage now that they’re pulpy nubs!


Banana with peanut butter

Your dog made a strange face and now you’re worried that he hates you, causing you to bite off each and every one of your nails. Like the whole nail, somehow, down to the half moons. Whoops! If your dog has forgiven you and you’re still ravenous, head to the kitchen for some banana with peanut butter. This healthy and delicious combination is way more satisfying than your tasteless keratin.


Blueberry muffin

After spending a full hour scrolling through Twitter you became so stressed out that now your fingers are completely devoid of skin, Black Swan style. Despite consuming 150 calories of your own body, you want to keep eating! A blueberry muffin is a sweet treat and a great distraction – plus, eating the muffin won’t put you at risk of infection like eating your nails, cuticles and knuckle skin!



Potato chips

You were a little bored today, which led you to nomming on your hands as usual. Even though the bones are your fingers are now visible, you still want something else. Please, for god’s sake, try chowing down on some crispy fried potato chips, because you clearly have some anxiety issues and you need to stop doing this to yourself!


Nails and cuticles are not enough sustenance to carry you between meals, plus you have none left. After you’ve finished self-cannibalizing, give one of these snacks a shot, and consider seeing a therapist!