Jezebel Offers $10,000 for Article Ideas That Aren’t About The Evils of Photoshop

Jezebel Photoshop

On the heels of Jezebel’s “body-positive” campaign to obtain original, un-retouched images from Lena Dunham’s cover shoot for Vogue, the feminist website announced that they will offer $10,000 for any article ideas that aren’t about the inherent evils of Photoshop.
A spokesperson for Jezebel stated that they’ve “tapped their staff” for fresh ideas and have “come up with nothing. Absolutely nothing.” She admitted that since their target demographic is women 18 to 25, “any submissions from women who seem over 30 have been immediately discarded without being read.”

Since the launch of the site in 2007, Jezebel has featured thousands of before-and-after articles focusing on Photoshopped bodies of celebrities and fashion models. Why change that winning formula now? According to one Jezebel staffer: “We’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, and we have a hunch that there might be other feminist issues out there.”
“Plus, we have a lot of money that we were just gonna throw in the garbage otherwise, so, yeah, here we are.”