San Francisco Woman Eats Only Rice-A-Roni for a Year

Inspired by the journey of Beautiful Existence, the Seattle woman who ate only Starbucks for all of 2013, Meg Davis challenged herself to do something similar. She looked to the corporate history of her own native San Francisco and decided to eat nothing but Rice-A–Roni for a year. But first, she changed her name to Gorgeous Existence.

Gorgeous consulted with her doctor on the plan who said it was “literally the worst idea he’s ever heard,” but she would not be stopped. She headed to her local Cosco to pick up bulk packages of Rice-A-Roni and went home to immediately start blogging.


Her breakfasts generally consisted of the Chicken Teriyaki or the Four Cheese. For lunches she’d have the Red Beans and Rice flavor and dinners would be Italian Creamy Garlic or the Chicken and Mushroom variety. “Not a day went by that I didn’t ask myself why, but then I’d stop myself and say ‘why not?'”



In just a year Gorgeous Existence gained 14 pounds of pure fat. Two months into the year, she stopped pooping entirely. Her boyfriend moved out. But she’s stuck to her guns. Both Gorgeous Presence and Beautiful Presence have inspired women around the country to challenge themselves in similar ways – like the Massachusetts woman who is only eating Dunkin Donuts for a year, and the Philly mom who is only going to eat cream cheese.


Gorgeous Presence has even bigger plans for the coming year. “I’m going to brush my teeth every single day and see what happens – stay tuned!” She’s also planned a speaking tour, visiting various colleges and companies.