How to Trust Men Even Though One Direction Said They Were Just Taking a Hiatus

Regaining your trust can be difficult after a brutal breakup, especially when that breakup was from internationally beloved boy band One Direction. The bold-faced lie that they were just “going on hiatus” in 2017 may be holding you back from trusting any word a man ever says again, but every One Direction member has moved on and so should you. Harry Styles is on his third solo album, which means it’s time for you to take these steps and trust men again.


Acknowledge your pain.

The first step in healing any gaping emotional wound is addressing it. Be open and honest with the hurt caused by believing that One Direction would eventually get back together for the past five years. Sure that blind hope may have slowly corroded into a jaded chip of suspicion on your shoulder about any man, but once you address that it’s there, you can start moving forward.


Surround yourself with people you can trust.

Many men will lie, even four beloved British boys you thought you could trust, but that doesn’t mean all men aren’t trustworthy. Look at examples of men who have kept true to the definition of “hiatus” – the Jonas Brothers, Fall Out Boy, hell, even The Wanted! They might not be the ones you poured your heart and soul into for your entire adolescence, but they’re loyal and dependable and just what you need to start trusting again.



Forgive those who have betrayed you.

Nothing can ever erase the pain of slowly realizing One Direction would never get back together again. But remember that the past is in the past and a lot of them have been coming out with certified bops since then. Okay, maybe just two of them. But let go of your negative feelings and open yourself up to what could come next. You’ll never hear “What Makes You Beautiful” live ever again, but you can still watch Harry Styles perform as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz on Youtube, so, that’s something!


You may never be the same after One Direction’s so-called hiatus shattered your trust in men, but that doesn’t mean you should never trust again. Take this time to heal and find your faith in men again – it’s a painstaking process, but you’ll be better for it (and you can always secretly hold onto the hope that they’ll reunite in the future)!