5 Money Saving Hacks That Won’t Undo That $30 Cocktail You Just Got

With inflation, rising rent prices, and insanely expensive costs of living, every penny saved is a penny earned. Of course, all those pennies won’t matter the second you buy a $30 cocktail during your friend’s “chill night out,” but here’s some money-saving tips to follow so you can at least pretend you’re fiscally responsible!


Turn off the lights.

Do you know how much money is wasted every month by leaving lights on in unattended rooms? Well, definitely not as much as that yuzu lavender cocktail you just ordered. But think of it this way: Every light you turn off is a sip of yuzu you just earned (not counting tip).



An oldie but goodie! You get five whole cents for every can or bottle you recycle so…it just might take…a few hundred bottles to pay for that cocktail. And a hundred more to cover the tip (but bonus points because you can also pretend to be sustainable while still shopping regularly at Forever 21)!


Use coupons.

Sure, that 10% off a box of Hamburger Helper is a nominal amount, but nothing feels better than the idea that you’re paying less than the original price, and you can coast on that feeling all the way to the bar to justify splurging on a drink that would take a year’s worth of couponing to save up for. Just don’t think too hard about the actual math behind it.


Buy in bulk.

The more you spend, the more you save! This may look and feel like you’re actually spending more money (because you are), but in the long run, it pays off. And at that point, your credit card bill will be so high that an extra $30 is nothing!



Drink at home.

Short of not actually buying alcohol, drinking at home is a surefire way to save money during a night out. For every drink at home, you’re practically making $30, and your alcohol budget is basically self-sufficient! Of course, with all this proper budgeting, surely you can treat yourself to one fancy cocktail — oh fuck, there goes all the money you saved.


By following these tips, you’ll be in control of your finances in no time! Obviously, all of these tips mean jack shit if you keep dropping half of your paycheck on any drink with an exotic fruit in it, but just keep telling yourself you’re saving money. After all, mindset is everything!