QUIZ: Do You Want a Boyfriend or Do You Want Someone to Taste the Milk When It Smells a Little Off?

Being single and truly getting to know yourself can be deeply rewarding, but sometimes you want the companionship and support of a steady partner. The way our world is designed, some things are just easier with a significant other, and all these forces can make it difficult to see through to the root of your desires. Are you really in a place where you want a boyfriend, or do you just want someone who will help you confirm that the milk has indeed expired? Take this quiz to find out!


Do you like being single?

  1. I like parts of it and feel whole on my own, but I really enjoy being in a relationship.
  2. It’s awesome! I’m totally free, but sometimes freedom comes at a cost…


What’s the best part of a relationship?

  1. Intimacy, comfort, partnership. Having someone to experience and share the world with.
  2. Having someone who loves you enough to do sort of gross things for you.


What would you get from a boyfriend that you don’t get from your friends?

  1. I want to be head over heels in love.
  2. When I say to my friends, “This smells weird, can you taste it?” They say, “Ew, no. You do it.” And if I try to be like, “Babe, please?” and pout a little, they’re like, “No. What? No.” So in short, boyfriends are more receptive to pouting?



Does your milk smell a little bit funky?

  1. Excuse me?
  2. Yep, but the sell-by date is a week away, so it really should be fine, and I’m also like, maybe this is just what milk smells like? This is so hard.



Mostly 1s: It seems like you’re really ready for a relationship. Dating can be hard, but keep your heart open and the right person will find you. They could be right under your nose…

Mostly 2s: The only thing under your nose is an open carton of milk that smells maybe a bit like cheese. You don’t want a boyfriend; you just want someone to taste this for you so you can pour yourself a bowl of cereal that you wouldn’t even want to share. We recommend Oatly!