How to Ask Your Partner to Choke You Like a Secret Service Agent

The surprise additional January 6th hearing featuring former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony had the nation shocked to hear of Donald Trump’s egregious behavior during the insurrection of The Capitol. But if you heard the story about Trump attempting to choke a Secret Service agent when he was told he couldn’t join the rioters, and you were actually a little turned on by it, then here’s how to ask your partner to choke you like your job is protecting the President next time you’re both in the mood!


Tell them they can’t go to The Capitol.
Communication is always key in the bedroom, which means that it’s super important to tell your partner, calmly but firmly, that they can’t go to the capitol because it’s extremely dangerous and will break several laws. They’ll definitely take this as a cue to get physical, especially if they’re literally insane and drunk off of their own power. Maybe they’ll even do a little dirty talk back and say “I’m the fucking president!” Hot!



Remind them what treason is.
As long as you’re both on the same page, you should keep urging your partner to listen to quite literally everyone around them who’s telling them not to help the insurrectionists because it’s illegal and morally wrong. Explaining to them what “treason” is will surely help you along even more, and it might just make them angry enough to lunge for your neck! Sexy!


Block their hand from grabbing the steering wheel.
If you’re getting freaky in the car instead of the bedroom, then make sure that you keep your eyes on the road and try to drive safely while your partner attempts to grab the steering wheel to turn the car back around to the Capitol rioters. This will surely lead them to grab for your neck next! Okay, is it getting steamy in here?


So if you’re wanted to switch things up in the bedroom, and you also have a kink for fascist tyrants getting violent so they can join in on storming The Capitol, then try out any of these ways to hint to your partner that you want to be choked like a Secret Service agent. We guarantee this will make you as wet as ketchup dripping down the walls!