How To Ask Your Weighted Blanket To Choke You

The thought of asking your partner to choke you during sex can be daunting, but with clear communication it doesn’t have to be a huge deal! If you’ve been trying to work up the courage to ask them to help heighten your sexual experience, then keep reading for how to ask your weighted blanket to choke you instead.


Make sure your blanket is comfortable with it.

Even though you’re the one who would be getting choked, it’s important to ask your weighted blanket if they’re okay with choking you too. After all, they’re only really used to laying on top of you at night, so this could be something that they haven’t really considered before. Be understanding and make sure you each talk about your concerns.


Discuss boundaries beforehand.

While asking your weighted blanket to choke you might seem pretty straight forward, you still want to make sure it’s clear what kind of choking you’re looking for. Do you want light choking? Hard choking? Choking while doing something else in bed? The choice is up to you two. Also make sure that your blanket isn’t choking the front of your throat, because this can cut off your air supply, and your weighted blanket may not know this because it doesn’t have a throat.


Have a safe word.

Whenever you’re experimenting with dominant and submissive roles in the bedroom, it’s imperative that you have a safe word in case things get a little too intense or even dangerous. Before you start, choose a word, or maybe even a hand signal, that communicates to your weighted blanket that you want things to a stop. This creates a safe environment, and makes it so that you and your weighted blanket can experiment with other things in the future! If your weighted blanket doesn’t respond to your safe work, not out of a disregard for consent but due to a lack of comprehending language, you can just start kicking like crazy until you free yourself.



Your weighted blanket has been there with you through thick and thin, and you are totally valid for wanting to spice things up a little with it! Simply follow the steps above to safely ask your weighted blanket to choke you, and have fun! Plus, the cuddling afterwards will be heavenly.