How to Make Him Cum So Hard He Acknowledges Your First-Person Consciousness Is Just as Complex as His

Dating men can be tricky. They can be so hot, but deep down, they sometimes have trouble realizing that your first-person, subjective experience could really be as vivid and rich as their own. Here’s how you can make him ejaculate so hard that he acknowledges that there really is a conscious being in there, even though you are a woman.


Indulge in his fantasies, especially those involving the five senses – to remind him that you, too, have faculties of perception.

Even though you have eyes, a nose, and a mouth, men can sometimes interpret these as decorative ornaments on a walking, noise-producing objet d’art, rather than sensory organs that produce an inner life even half as interesting as his. To counter this, center your sexual play around sensory deprivation, scented candles, sensual music, and blindfolds. When he sees you deeply engaging with all five senses, he’ll hopefully work backwards and realize, huh, there is neural activity going on in that womanly little head on the body he just had sex with. Hot!


Challenge yourself to be the most selfish partner you can be.

Take all the fucking time in the world in bed, and be maximally selfish. Otherwise, how will he realize you have your own ends and needs, independent of his immediate desires? Hopefully, hour eight will really hammer home the fact that there is a first-person experience happening in your body, too. Bonus points if he concludes, “Hmm! Since she clearly has desires separate from my own experience, perhaps she is also capable of having thoughts I’ve never had.” It’s worth a shot!


When you’re riding him, spell out the story of your life trajectory on his dick.

While men intellectually understand that you, like them, are human, they sometimes can’t help but be skeptical: Could your feeble body ever really house a mind as aware of reality as theirs – one with a full sense of personal agency, reasoning and wonder, a capacity for genius, and moral fortitude? To put these doubts to rest, take matters into your own pussy, and spell out the story of your personal life narrative as you ride him! Spell out your earliest memories, formative moments that shaped your character, and experiences of L-O-S-S and O-V-E-R-C-O-M-I-N-G, all on his dick. Boom! He’ll cum so hard that you’ll wipe clear any lingering doubts that you’re a fully conscious human being.



So, if you suspect that the guy you’re dating doesn’t fully grant that your experience of reality could be just as vivid as his own, just get his penis really hard and make him ejaculate extremely violently. In his post-nut clarity, he’ll be so tired, he’ll just shrug, “Huh, I guess there is humanity in there as rich as my own.” Win!