QUIZ: Are You Depressed or Do You Just Need to Move Your Bed to a Slightly Different Part of Your Room?

Dealing with depression can oftentimes be debilitating. It can be hard to get yourself out of bed, let alone take the steps you need to begin feeling better. However, overcoming depression can be easy if, say, the only reason you’re depressed is because your bed has been in the same place in your room for too long. Take this quiz to find out: Are you really suffering from depression or do you just need to move your bed to a slightly different area in your bedroom?


How long have you been feeling depressed?

  1. My whole life pretty much.
  2. It’s been a pretty recent development. I’ve been in my current apartment for two years now, and I’m starting to feel a little stuck. Like something needs to change. Something physical. Before that, I’d never even felt sad in my life.


Does medication help?

  1. Yes, medication has been life-changing for me.
  2. No! I still feel wracked with a deep, soul-crushing sadness and a voice in the back of my head keeps saying things like, “Move stuff around!” and “Your bed looks terrible there.” What do you think that means?


How about exercise, a balanced diet, and sufficient sleep?

  1. I’ve been working hard to improve all of those things in my life, in addition to taking antidepressants, and I have to say, the results have been incredible. I’m really beginning to feel like myself again.
  2. No, nothing works! I sleep great, I eat great, I exercise five times a week, and still I’m overcome with this terrible, aching hopelessness. Plus, I hate the way my room looks right now.


Just checking – does moving the furniture around in your bedroom help?

  1. No…? Why would that help? 
  2. No! I moved my hamper: nothing. I moved my side table: nothing. I moved my pillows around a little bit and, hey, that kind of made me feel something. My pillows definitely look better like this.



How about specifically moving your bed?

  1. I just told you moving my dresser didn’t help, so why would moving my bed do anything? Though I will say it does look better against this far wall than the old way I had it.
  2. Okay, wait, yes, that did something. Holy shit, I feel alive. My bed is now flush against the wall instead of sticking out right in the middle of my room. There’s so much space! I could fit a whole couch in here. My life has never been filled with so much possibility. I’m cured!



Mostly 1s: You’re definitely depressed, but it seems like you’re managing it well! Keep doing what you’re doing, but if the “moving your bed around” thing did anything for you, feel free to keep doing that too!

Mostly 2s: You just needed to move your bed around a little bit. That’s it. And while you’re not depressed, your whole “I’ve never even felt sad in my life” thing was a bit worrying – maybe interrogate that feeling a little bit more, or even consider therapy. Glad your room feels good again, though!