Quiz: Are You an Introvert, Extrovert, Or Victorian Ghost With Unfinished Business?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? It is very important that you know so that you can constantly use it as an excuse for any weird or anti-social behavior. You might not be either one, though, because you might actually be a Victorian-era ghostly spectre with some unfinished business. Yikes! Sounds like you need to take this quiz to find out if that’s the case.


You arrive at a house party but no one you know is there yet, what do you do?

A. Grab a beer and start talking to anyone nearby
B. Leave.
C. Flicker the lights on and off or rearrange the furniture.


You get invited to a karaoke bar. What is your response?

A. Get my favorite song ready, baby!
B. Ew.
C. Whisper “get out” to any shadows that pass


What do you do when a friend calls you unexpectedly?

A. Answer it immediately!
B. Throw my phone across the room.
C. Open and close cabinets quickly, looking for something that you cannot find. Something you may never, ever find.


What is your response to making small talk?

A. It’s easy!
B. I’d rather eat rocks.
C. Probably turn all of the paintings in the corridor upside down. A clue to lead to your eternal rest.


What is your ideal Saturday night?

A. Party hopping like a bitch!
B. Reading novel-versions of blockbuster films.
C. That’s a tough one. I enjoy everything from turning on the phonograph that hasn’t worked in decades to smearing my name in blood on the walls. It’s just whatever I’m in the mood for. Sometimes I just want to have a relaxing night of moving an aptly placed rocking chair back and forth when no one is sitting in it. You know?


Do you like being alone?

A. No, being alone is for virgins.
B. Is there any other way to be?
C. I have been alone for decades, wandering these cold halls and wondering when I’ll cross over to the other side. What must I do to be freed of this hellish existence? When will I find peace?



If you answered A: You are an extrovert! Get out there you desperate, approval-seeking bitch!

If you answered B: You are an introvert! Stay inside and color code your bookshelf!

If you answered C: You are a Victorian Ghost with unfinished business! In case you were wondering, no, this quiz was not your unfinished business. We’re so sorry for wasting your endless amount of time!