7 Ways to Finger an Introvert

There are many benefits to dating an introvert, but it’s important to be aware of her specific needs, especially when you’re fingerblasting her. Don’t underestimate your introvert’s quiet desires when it comes to digital stimulation. Here’s how to do it while honoring her natural inclinations.


From behind. Introverts replenish their energy supply when they’re alone, so make sure she’s had plenty of alone time before you finger her into oblivion from behind.


Standing up. Large crowds tend to make introverts anxious, so avoid busy places when you’re slamming it in her G-spot while standing.


Lying down. One thing that’s great about introverts is that they are very engaged during one-on-one communication, which might happen before, during, or after you finger her lying down. Be sure to avoid crowds while you finger her lying down.



Butt fingering. Introverts tend to deal with conflict in a quiet, introspective and thoughtful manner, so that’s one less thing to worry about while you fingerfuck her butt.


Spooning. Sometimes it may be hard to balance your desire to go out with her desire to stay in, so compromise by fingering her while spooning. Everyone wins – even your introvert!


With your thumb. It can be easy for introverts to fall into a rut, so mix things up by shoving your one opposable digit up her snatch! Then let her be alone for awhile. Introvert heaven!


Fisting. Introverts have an expansive inner life, and she’s about to have an expansive thing in her inner womb. Your introvert will love being fisted.


Societal stigmas would lead us to believe that fingering an introvert would be less fun than fingering an extrovert, but this is not true! It’s just different. In fact, fingering an introvert can be extremely rewarding. Have you fingered an introvert today?