How To Stay Humble Even Though Your Suitcase Just Came Out First At Baggage Claim

Collecting your baggage after a long flight can be exhausting, unless you’re that one lucky person whose bag happens to fall onto the carousel first. Here’s how to stay humble even though, yeah, wow, your suitcase did just come out first at baggage claim.


Accept Your Limitations

In order to stay humble in this situation, make sure to remind yourself you’re not the best at everything. Sure, it may feel like it in this moment, because your suitcase just came out of baggage claim first and you have never felt this high on life before. As you strut over to your lone bag and wheel it away past all the haters, remember that you have failed at things before, like chemistry in high school or your last relationship. Celebrate yourself, but remember you have more to accomplish, even if right now you’re pretty much living out your biggest dreams.


Be Grateful

Even though we may get caught up in feeling ourselves, it is important to be grateful for the things you already have. You have a family that loves you, friends that support you, and your bag just came out before every other suckers’ at this airport. Find gratitude in your heart that you were somehow the one blessed by the plane gods today, and try to not get too cocky even though you’re in a cab driving away while that sad family of four stares longingly at the bag drop. Look at you go!


Avoid Bragging

It’s okay to be proud of yourself for having the first suitcase out at baggage claim, but don’t rub it in anyone’s face. Chances are the people around you have noticed your success and will respect you for staying humble about it. Even though you may be tempted to scream, “MY SUITCASE IS FIRST, I’M A MOTHERFUCKING GOD!”, don’t do it. Yes, your life is perfect in this moment, but stay humble by giving an empathetic wave to the sad passengers, while secretly knowing that you are the suitcase princess!



Don’t Take All The Credit

It might be tempting to take all the credit for your suitcase coming out first, but remember you didn’t get here by yourself. Thank the person who checked your bag at the terminal, the person who loaded your bag onto the plane, the person who unloaded your bag and the designer of the bag. And, while you’re doing that, you can thank yourself, because in the end you are The Big Suitcase Bitch!


It is possible to stay humble even though your suitcase just came out first at baggage claim and you are objectively the best person at the airport. Look to appreciate those around you by saying “bye” and “good luck” very loudly as you leave the airport. You’re so humble!!