Cute Bows to Match Your Victorian Little Girl Ghost Look

You’ve got it all! You’re a quirky 20-something living in the big city with an important job in advertising and the style of a little Victorian ghost. These cute bows fit nicely in your tight braids and compliment your ratty old white lace dress. These gorgeous bows will leave men thinking, “That girl is pretty cute, for a little Victorian ghost!”


Classic Oversized Grosgrain Hair Bow (The Hair Bow Company, $1.99) 

At $1.99, these colorful bows are a steal! They’ve got a feminine flair and are just the right size and shape to bring out your period costume and dead, soulless eyes. These oversized bows scream, “Come play with me for all of eternity. I’ll be here waiting and watching.”


Lace Satin Hair Bow (Etsy, $4.99)

These vintage inspired bows won’t break the bank at $4.99. Don this lacy bow and people will think you actually haunt an inn, even though you’re just settling for the next best thing: hovering over the drinks table at your next office function, asking, “Will somebody please play with me?” for eternity.



Gold and White Lace Hair Bow (Etsy, $14) 

Willing to spend a bit more? You can get a custom made bow for $14. The alabaster lace is simply gorgeous., and pairs well with the anguish of bystanders who thought they just saw a little girl ghost. Wear this on your next date and he‘ll be sure to get goosebumps beholding your sweet ghostly visage.


Black French Lace Fabric Oversized Bow Barrette (Etsy, $16)

This is the Rolls Royce of hair bows. It has everything: ribbon, lace, sparkle, and a lingering creepy feeling that spirits are awake. This will surely get the attention of that cute guy from marketing better than your standard move (flickering the lights while whispering in his ears).


Get out there and flaunt your new cute bow! Make it ghostly by wearing it while playing hopscotch in an abandoned lot. Your date tonight may not want a second date with you, but he is sure to feel haunted by your appearance!