Rock These 90s Trends That Your Parents Were Too Poor to Buy You!

The 90s are back, which means you can finally rock the looks from your childhood you never got to rock in the first place because your family was in the same income bracket as Roseanne. Now that you’re a grown up with disposable income you can finally buy all the clothes you never got to wear as a kid!


White Keds

White Keds were everywhere in the 90s–except for on your feet! When you were eight, Dad told you to get a job so you could buy them. Now you’re 28, are well employed as a project manager and can buy as many pairs as you want! Break out the neon-colored shoelaces to fully replicate the look that your WASPy peers wore 20 years prior!


Doc Martins

What 90s kid would be without her Doc Martins? You, that’s who! Because as Rochelle kept on pointing out, they cost $100 and her dad could afford to buy her two pairs because he was a heart surgeon. Pair them with a flannel shirt to really recreate that 90s look that you were never able to create in the first place. It almost feels as good today!



Choker Necklaces

Your friends had one in every color. Now you can too because you finally make as much as your friends parents made in 1996, even when you adjust for inflation! Realistically, they didn’t cost that much and your mom was probably using poverty as a scapegoat because she didn’t like the way they looked. Fair enough, Mom!


Leather Biker Jacket

Who could forget Faruza Balk in The Craft wearing this fashion staple of the 90s? You can’t because you still remember how all the money you saved up had to ultimately pay for your dad’s loan shark bills. Wow. A lot of your childhood is adding up now. It doesn’t matter, because now you can buy your own damn jacket!


Platform Shoes

The Spice Girls made this fabulous footwear famous! And, as your dad pointed out, they could afford to spend that much money on shoes because they were international recording stars but for everyone else, money doesn’t grow on trees. Now that you have a job, you can show up to that job in these sky-high shoes! They hurt like hell, but who cares! You’re living a childhood dream!


Fashions may go out of style, but overcompensating for your impoverished childhood will always be in vogue! Sweet style redemption!