Baby Shower Games Your Mother Will Hate!

Your mother has made you uncomfortable in countless situations – but now that you’re having a baby, you have the perfect opportunity to bask in her palpable discomfort with the perfect baby shower game that she’ll hate! Here are a few classic updates to baby shower games that will have your mother folding her arms and saying, “Now that’s just not right!”


Guess-The-Conception Location

Did it happen in the bathroom at your parent’s 60th anniversary party, or that closet under the stairs where your little brother used to stash his porn? Did it happen on the chair your mother’s currently sitting on, or the countertop where she just frosted cupcakes? Drop some pins on the iPhone your parents still pay for, and let the scavenger hunt begin!


Cage Match: Grandmother Edition

Is your mother-in-law an overbearing monster out to destroy your happiness? Probably. If you’re afraid of how she’s going to treat your unborn child, just imagine what your mother plans to unleash on your future child. Set up a small ring in the kitchen and let them duke it out by dropping casual parenting plans like, “We’re thinking of homeschooling,” and “We’re going to raise her atheist.”


Pin the Baby on the Vajayjay

A raucous take on the pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey classic, this irreverent game will have your friends roaring with laughter while your mother quietly wipes away tears in the living room. Have everybody pick their own unique baby (unicorns, zombies, and rappers – your mother hates rap!), put on a blindfold, and try to stick that umbilical cord right on that vajayjay! Not only will your friends have a great time at your baby shower, but your mother will hate the constant, casual references to vaginas! Double-win!


Nothing will get Mom’s goat more than seeing a bunch of hip, young people buck tradition and actually have fun at your baby shower kegger!


To purchase an original copy of the Pin The Tail On the Vajayjay game, visit All other games require 1-2 moms and any malicious desire for revenge you have lying around the house.