3 Cute Ways to Ask a Ghost to Come Back Later

There’s nothing more exciting than being visited by a specter, but what if you’re busy and can’t talk right now? You don’t want to be a bitch about it, but you’re going to need that ghost to come back a little bit later. Here are some cute, non-threatening ways to ask an apparition to come back some other time because now’s not a good time.



Nothing says, “You’re welcome here, but not right now because I’m on the phone” like a little wave. Greet that spectral intrusion with an I’m-not-free-right-now wave—acknowledging the incorporeal entity before you, yet keeping it at a polite distance. It’s not that you don’t want to hang and get haunted but you actually have a huge project due tomorrow and there’s just not time for that, kay? It’s nothing personal!


Tap Your Wrist Like There’s a Watch There

Ghosts may not understand the concept of time anymore since they’re lingering in the liminal space between life and death, but you’re still on a schedule! As much as you’d love to spend some creepy minutes with the phantom who just appeared before you, just adorably tap your wrist like there’s a watch there, frowning as if to say, “I’d simply love to, but I’m in the middle of something.” Sorry, spook! This bitch has a to-do list, so come back later!




If this spirit had given you a heads up that he was going to stop by, you could have made some time, but he didn’t. You’re certainly not trying to get out of this, but now is just not a good time. Keep the interaction cute by giving a little shrug to show that wraith that there’s nothing you can do! When you disturbed that centuries-old crypt this weekend, you thought any haunting would be more immediate, but when it didn’t happen, you made plans. Now whose fault is that?


It’s hard enough to make time for the living, let alone the rare undead spirit that comes to visit you without so much as a text to let you know they’re on their way. When you feel that frigid breeze that signals the approach of a ghost, try any of these cute and quick signals to let the phantom know that you’re totally into whatever they’re doing, but you really need them to come back later!