6 Email Sign-Offs That Will Leave Your Coworkers Begging For More

As a woman in the workplace, it can be hard to strike the balance between “I’m filled with interesting stories” and “What is it that she’s hiding?” So while you might be wondering: “What’s the most effective, professional way to sign emails?” what you should be asking is: “How can I sign off my emails in a way that will leave coworkers absolutely begging for more of my emails?” Here are some sign-offs that will leave your co-workers hungry for more!



This one’s a bit of a classic, but for someone just venturing out into advanced emailing, it’s a surefire way to let your coworkers know that there’s more where this came from! Equal parts fun, edgy and totally British, you’ll sound like one quirky guv’nah with the turn of an email sig. Your coworkers will be lining up to receive your emails in no time!


“Regretfully yours”

If you’re the dark and mysterious type, this morose and brooding sign off is the perfect way to shroud yourself in secrets. Everyone in your office will be wondering what it is you regret! Your email? Your job? Their job? Either way it’ll leave them positively starving for more emails!


“Chim chim cherie, a chim-i-ney for me!”

Take the European charm up a notch or twelve with this super cute signoff fit for a queen. At first your coworkers might be saying “huh?” or “what?” but before you know it, they’ll be banging on your cubicle wall demanding more emails from you!


“I am behind you”

This is an appropriate sign-off if you are literally behind someone, but an even tastier email treat if you are not even in the office. Send it to your favorite coworker as a goof! Or better yet, completely hide your your name and IP address and you’ll have him turning around, fearfully wondering who you are and why you’re watching him. He’ll email you back asking, “where are you” and “who is this” and “what do you want from me” and “why are you doing this to me?” Sounds like somebody wants more of your gorgeous emails!



Everyone love hugs and kisses! Especially in the workplace. Their confusion will no doubt leave them thirsty for more emails. They’ll be begging you to explain yourself!



“Ask me for more emails”

Gain immediate respect from your co-workers by just coming right out and saying that you’d love to send them some more emails. You might as well just go ahead and ask for them directly at this point!


There you have it! Fail proof email sign-offs that will undoubtedly leave your co-workers totally horny and pleading for more of those incredible emails!