Optimist? 25-Year-Old Says She’s Having Quarter-Life Crisis

In Brooklyn, NY, 25-year-old Almeda Johnson has shocked everyone by proclaiming she’s having a quarter-life crisis, which suggests she believes she will live to see the age 100.


Okay, glass-half-full much?


“Ever since I graduated college, I haven’t been sure what I’m supposed to be doing,” Almeda said. “But I know that’s pretty normal for someone who just turned 25. It’s just the quarter-life crisis that everyone goes through.”


However, Almeda doesn’t realize that not everyone lives to be exactly 100 years old. Very few people do, actually.


But we can’t help but wish we had her unfounded optimism!


Fortunately, her friends are helping her get through this crisis as best they can, even though the name she gave it is probably incorrect.


“I’ve been sharing all kinds of advice with her,” Almeda’s friend Josie said. “Like how my mom went through the same exact thing when she was younger, and how Almeda shouldn’t call it a quarter-life crisis because the average U.S. life expectancy is 79 years old.”


“I told her that she should spend some time soul-searching to figure out what she wants to do,” another friend, Matilda, said. “I know she’ll get through this, especially since she’s positive enough to think that she’s gonna live for a full century.”



Despite going through a rough time right now, Almeda remains able to see the silver lining in the situation.


“I know that I’ll have it all figured out later in life,” she said. “And when I’m lying on my deathbed on my 100th birthday, I’ll think back to this time and wonder what I was so worried about.”


Way to look on the bright side, Almeda, even though you literally have no idea when you’re going to die!