Aww! This Woman Gets Along With Her Mom Until She Says Something That Annoys Her

It’s not always easy for a mother and her daughter to get along, which is why 24-year-old Adanna Eze is inspiring many by getting along great with her mom, unless, of course, she says literally anything that even slightly annoys her.


Aww, what an unbreakable bond!


Adanna looks up to her mother, stating that she’s always been her best friend, but like a best friend she has to spend time with in small doses or else they’re actually insufferable.


“My mom just gets me! Every time I go back home we can talk for hours on end,” Adanna said. “Until she says something like ‘Why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?’ or ‘You should have learned to code in college,’ then the conversation stops right then and there.”


According to her mother, Yetunde, she hasn’t noticed any misgivings between her and her daughter, but she agrees that their relationship is one for the ages.


“Everything is so fun when we do it together,” she said. “But I have noticed that sometimes Adanna needs her alone time, like last week when we were grocery shopping and she went to another aisle after I said she didn’t need to buy any more Cheetos.”





“I used to argue with my mom as a teen, but when I grew up, I learned that it’s better to just walk away and pretend that everything between us is great,” Adanna said. “And then when I eventually forget about what happened, we can go right back to getting along again!”


Adanna’s friends have also noticed how perfect this mother-daughter relationship is, and they’re admittedly a little jealous.


“I wish I got along with my mom like that,” her friend Leomie said. “Sure, Adanna can’t always stand to be around hers, but at least she can get along with her for like 80 percent of the time. For me and my mom, it’s more like 40, or maybe even 30 percent.”




At press time, Adanna went into another room in the house after her mom said that she should reach out to the Johnson’s son who’s single and works in commercial real estate now.