Nice! This Woman Is Running a Marathon to Raise Awareness That She Can Run a Marathon

In Cambridge, MA, resident Natalie Broswell is selflessly running a marathon to raise awareness for a cause very near and dear to her heart: letting others know she can run a marathon.


That’s true altruism right there!


“It’s really important to me that others know that I can run for long periods of time if I want to,” said the 30-year-old. “It’s just that most of the time I don’t. But there’s been too many misconceptions about it in the general public, and it’s time to change that.”


When reporters asked around, it seemed that Natalie’s efforts had already been effectively raising awareness of this little-known fact.


“When Natalie said she was running a marathon, I was shocked,” said Natalie’s sister Kate. “If I’m being honest, I didn’t believe she would go through with it. But now watching her devote herself tirelessly to the cause, even I donated to her GoFundMe raising money to help her run this marathon.”



Natalie told reporters the inspiration for this marathon run came from a very close friend of hers, who is sadly no longer in her life.


“Yeah, a while back I was talking about how running a marathon was on my bucket list and my friend Kara scoffed and told me, ‘There’s no way you could do a marathon.’ That bitch. So obviously we’re not friends anymore, but I’m doing this to prove to all the Karas in the world wrong.”


Okay, humanitarian!


Natalie’s uplifting journey has made waves across town, inspiring others to follow suit and join Natalie’s marathon running efforts to raise awareness that they, too, can run a marathon.


“I came across Natalie’s story on Facebook and I was immediately moved to tears,” says Joanna Newman. “I immediately donated to her cause and signed up for the marathon myself. I think it’s time for all of us to raise some awareness that just because we’re ‘unathletic’ and ‘haven’t exercised since high school gym class’ doesn’t mean we can’t run a marathon.”


When reporters asked Natalie about the impact her awareness efforts have had, she responded that she was overjoyed at the positive reception.


“I haven’t even run the marathon yet and I’ve still raised so much awareness in my community, it’s so heartwarming to see. At this point I don’t even think I have to run the marathon to prove to people that I can!”