Woman Beats Marathon Personal Best With 82 Facebook Likes

Five months of rigorous training paid off for 32-year-old runner Danielle Terry after she completed her third marathon with a personal record of 82 Facebook likes on her post-race post. Terry was reportedly seen collapsing and gasping for air inside her own home after a refresh on her Facebook page revealed that she had eclipsed last year’s PR of a measly 33 likes.


“It’s so worth it when you get to see all your hard work pay off in the end,” Terry said excitedly. “I had a feeling that I was going to beat my personal record, but not by this much!” Terry surpassed her previous record by a total of 49 likes, a feat that required months of social networking as well as an increased awareness of when her friends were most active on Facebook.


“I started training for the marathon Facebook post at the beginning of the New Year,” Terry says. “I began on January 1st by actively adding new friends from the Suggested section in slow increments, one or two each day. I also recorded when each of my friends was on Facebook chat, which gave me a better grasp on their daily routine. It was hard work, but I stuck with it!”


Danielle’s mother, Anna, says that Danielle’s triumph is even more astonishing considering her daughter’s unimpressive social media presence before the race.


“Looking at Danielle’s social media accounts before the race, you would never have thought she’d be capable of such a thing,” Anna tells us. “Her Facebook posts got, on average, around 6 or 7 likes. Even important updates about college, her health, making her first Vitamix smoothie, had a hard time cracking 20. I think the sub-30 response her engagement post last year nearly broke her spirit.”



Despite her huge success, Danielle insists that there’s still room for improvement.


“While 82 Facebook likes is certainly great, I plan on continuing to post marathon Facebook posts into the indefinite future,” Danielle says. “I’m in peak physical condition, and I know I still have a lot more Facebook likes left in me.”


When asked how many Facebook likes would satisfy her, Danielle gives no specifics.


“I have a certain number in mind, but saying it out loud might jinx it,” Danielle says between gulps of Gatorade. “Let’s just say it’s big.”