Friend Group Torn Whether to Sit Inside or Outside

Despite their usual agreement on squad goals, a friend group in Hoboken, NJ was unable to reach a consensus on whether to eat inside or outside at the Mexican restaurant, Chillando, this Sunday.


The party of five was split: two pro-insiders, two pro-outsiders and Liz, who reportedly “could go either way”. Carly Hamill, a pro-outsider, argued that if the squad loved fall as much as they claimed, they should take advantage of it now before it got too cold to sit outside.


Carly also argued that, because she’d initiated the group text and made the reservation, everyone should follow her lead and sit outside.


“Arranging squad lunches is not easy, but I took it on. Julie barely even responded to the texts,” she said, her frustration mounting.


Deanna, a pro-insider, pointed out that, although it was warm in the sun, the wind would be too much.


“I’m sorry, but it’s literally the windiest day ever,” she said, with an air of finality. “I’ll honestly die of wind if we sit outside, or I’ll just complain the whole time. Either way, everyone will suffer.”


Deanna went on to say that, while she appreciates Carly’s efforts to plan the squad’s activities, she doesn’t have the right to dictate where the squad sits.


“Why does she think she gets to decide what to do with our bodies?” Like, who is she, Ted Cruz?” This burn got a laugh from Julie, which prompted Carly to side-eye Julie.



Restaurant host Anthony Leeotta, who had first asked the girls, “Would you like a table inside or out?” tried to help by suggesting that the group split up into two tables, but the girls immediately and unanimously accused him of trying to take down their squad.


“I know when an indoor-outdoor debate is headed south. That’s my cue to jump ship.” Leeotta said, as he maneuvered around the group to seat another party.


Ultimately, Liz said she felt too scared to make any decision.


“I don’t know,” said Liz, “I don’t want anyone to be mad at me!”


After hours of talks, the group still could not reach a verdict. They left the restaurant and decided to reconvene tomorrow at 1:30 PM, at the same restaurant.


“We were actually about to remove the outdoor seating for the season, but I wanna see how this one plays out,” said Leeotta, grinning. “I love my job.”