How To Change Your Life Without Having To Change Too Much

Are you ready to almost completely change your life? Now you sort of can! Take an itty-bitty leap into the unknown by wholeheartedly committing to these half-measures.


Develop a morning ritual but skip it if you’re tired.

The way you begin your day can set you up for success—or failure. So cultivate the habit of rising early, taking time to savor a cup of herbal tea, and reflecting on the day ahead…unless you’re feeling a bit groggy, in which case definitely go back to sleep. There’s always tomorrow!


Clear out your wardrobe but put the rejects in a bag and keep that bag.

Your piles of unworn clothes are holding you back in life, but so is your fear of decluttering. Instead of spending hours sorting out stuff you don’t wear or keeping everything you own, find a way to sort of do both! Cleanse your wardrobe of any clothes you haven’t worn in the last year, but that you still imagine you could wear if the planets aligned and your body shape completely changed, and store them in a bag for when that magical day comes. You’ll be so grateful to yourself for clearing out new space for the same things!


Empty your cupboards of unhealthy foods and store them in a “treat box” located in your car.

You’ll be amazed how different you feel when you eat a healthy, plant-based diet, supplemented at regular intervals with additive-laden snack foods from a box of processed food items that you keep in your car. After you move all the cookies hiding in your kitchen to the backseat of your Camry, you’ll almost feel like a completely different woman! Car food doesn’t count!



Break up with your terrible boyfriend but keep sleeping with him.

Ending a dysfunctional relationship will empower you in ways you never thought possible—but you can still enjoy casual sex with him so you don’t have to not have sex. This is either the best or worst of both worlds, depending on your attitude! Dump that loser and move on, in the knowledge that you can always go crawling back into his bed when you’re scared and lonely, or when he shows you the teensiest drop of affection. This is a great solution for people dumping guys for being selfish in the sack. Finally, more emotionless sex, without the pesky relationship!


Start exercising but only when your body tells you you’re ready.

Exercise is great for the body and mind, but you know what else is great? Listening to that little voice that doesn’t feel like exercising today. That little voice needs love, too! Near-life-changing tip: Find a workout buddy who will help you stick to your new regime, when it suits you. Feel free to cancel on them—they’ll probably thank you!


There’s never a right time to almost completely change your life—sometimes you just have to go for it, and remember that you can always un-change it again when it suits you!