Little Foxes On Your Dishcloths, And Other Home Décor Tricks To Tell Yourself Everything’s Okay!

Your home is your sanctuary. And it’s a place you can fill with lots of kitschy trinkets and homewares that tell you that everything is going…just…fine. You’re fine! See those little foxes on your dishcloths hanging from your cupboards? That means you’re okay! Here are some other home décor tricks to trick yourself into believing everything’s just great!


Things Are Good Animal Figurines

Need to spice up that entertainment center? Add a fun figurine of an owl or two. These can be found at Fish’s Eddy for under $20! Throw an owl up there and feel calm like you’re in nature. You’re an owl too! Now forget about losing your job this week, even though student loans are due in three days. You’re fine!


Soft Color Throws and Pillows and Flowers and NOT Darkness

For a starter apartment, we recommend keeping the tones neutral for the anchor pieces, while adding small yet prominent bursts of color in your space. Think of additions like a bright green or yellow centerpiece for your dining table, or a bright red throw blanket on your earth tone sofa. You are this bright happy person living here! Not some deep, core version of you hiding behind these defensive walls that you put up time and time again! Try a bright floral print. Not darkness.


Cute Safe Wall Hook Cookware Organization

See this pleasant little fucking set of wall hooks? All the pots are secure and safe and so are you. When you live in your dream home, these adorable safe cute wall hooks won’t let you cry over chicken tenders at a diner alone at 1 AM twice a week! LOOK HOW FINE YOU ARE! YOU HUNG UP YOUR PANS IN ORDER OF SIZE!



Little Teeny Foxes on your Dishcloths

Look at the little foxes! They’re all dancing together! See, even tiny foxes can embrace living in the moment and dance like nobody’s watching, just like you! JUST. LIKE. YOU.


All’s Well Cutesy Candle

Another fun decorating tip we recommend is an accent candle. Place it near your nightstand while you read in front of your “kitten family” themed jewelry holder! And for at least a fourth of a second before you doze off, you’ll remember that family vacation in Charleston at the beach where you felt true happiness and peace for the first time and possibly the last? That was 15 years ago now. LIGHT A FUCKING CANDLE.


Some decorations are just so cute! We’re all doing so great!