Amazing Women Who Prove You Can Watch Whatever Your Want On Netflix

Some people let society tell them what to do, what to think, and how to live. Not these women! They do what they want! And they prove you really can watch whatever you want on Netflix!


Gilda S. – The World Traveler

Gilda goes after what she wants, volunteering at an animal shelter during the day and watching foreign films on Netflix at night (33 features and counting!). “I’m okay with reading subtitles,” she said. “I don’t care that they’re annoying.” Gilda started watching foreign movies as a way of seeming cultured while she attended Penn State, and continued after she graduated because “it just felt right at that point.” According to Gilda, when she has someone over for movie night, “They’re always intimidated by my queue.” But Gilda just don’t care! Thank you, Gilda.


Wendy R. – The Hopeless Rom(Com)-antic

Wendy only watches Rom Coms and she doesn’t care who knows it! Her Recently Watched list is a rundown of all the classic best rom-coms. But she doesn’t stop with the good ones; she’ll watch any rom-com out there—even The Switch! People tell her that she might be viewing unrealistic portrayals of love, but she doesn’t give a hoot! She’s going to keep watching rom-coms and only rom-coms until she dies or is rescued from this mundane life by a real-life prince charming on a razor scooter! You go, Wendy!


Gracie G. – The Feminist

Gracie is a dedicated closet feminist and her Netflix watching habits reflect that. “My only category is ‘Strong Female Lead’. I like watching things that I can relate to as a woman so I end up not watching most things,” she said. “I just wanna support the feminist cause in my own small way.” Brave, Gracie. Very brave.



Ramona P. – The Tomboy

Ramona will watch any superhero movie or TV show she wants to! “When I was younger, people told me Batman was for boys, but I didn’t care!” she said. She’s watched Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman Beyond, and all the Dark Knight movies, too. “I’ve even watched Daredevil. The movie AND the TV show. They’re not always good but I’d rather not think about how far women still have to go in society.” Keep letting that light shine, Ramona!


Chelsea W. – The Educationalist

Chelsea proves that education is important to her by watching every documentary on Netflix. From Jiro Dreams of Sushi to Cosmos to Food, Inc., don’t recommend a documentary to her because if it’s on Netflix she’s already seen it. “I don’t think watching Netflix should be fun. That’s just me. That’s what I enjoy.” Chelsea’s favorite doc is Dear Zachary because it is “irredeemably sad” and “hard to watch.” You do you, Chelsea!


So take it from these women, you can do whatever you want, as long as it’s watching something on Netflix! What are you waiting for? Go out and press “play!”