Maybe You SHOULD Smile: Cat-Callers Who Make Some Good Points

Just because a man is shouting at you from his van while you’re walking down the street, doesn’t mean he might not have a good point or two. We already take advice from magazines, T.V., stylists, friends – maybe it’s time we put a little stock in some advice of the unsolicited variety: cat-callers! Here are a few common examples that remind us…maybe they do have some good points?



At first glance this command might seem like harassment. However, studies have shown that the simple act of smiling increases endorphins and creates a positive mood. Instead of dismissing him, thank him! And smile!


“Damn baby you fine.”

When we are lost in the minutiae of our daily routines, we sometimes lose sight of the “big picture.” You are a child of the universe and everything is going to be alright. This man isn’t infantilizing you, he’s empowering you to let go and trust. It’s all going to work out – you’re fine!


“Work it!”

Here’s a bit of encouragement that should appeal to the suffragette in us all. It is only due to women’s liberation that we’re permitted to work it so frequently and fiercely. As you strive to be your better self, can you stop and ask, “Am I working it harder than I did yesterday?”



“Mmmm, look at that ass.”

Skin cancer is rampant, and it often is missed when located in private areas. When is the last time you inspected your posterior for signs of melanoma? Instead of being offended, welcome this important reminder. “Hmm. Maybe I should look at my ass.” While you’re at it, look at that labia and breast tissue, too.


“I’d destroy that.”

Life is fragile. Everything comes to an end. And yes, it can all be destroyed. This is a friendly reality check that can help you on your gratitude journey. Don’t take anything for granted, it can and will all be destroyed. You too will die someday – but death and destruction are just a rebirth into something new. Thanks for the cosmic reminder, Sir!


So next time you encounter a cat-caller on the street, stop and really think about what he’s saying. You might just be glad you did, lil’ shorty.