What Your Bed Bath & Beyond Graphic Prints Say About You

We all know that every woman loves and lives to decorate. And every sensible woman knows that Bed, Bath & Beyond Is the place to go for affordable, tasteful, ‘vintage’ prints. But before you invite guests over to showcase your recent redecorating, consider: what are you saying about yourself with your wall art choices?
Chat Noir

Tournée du Chat Noir

This black cat lures patrons to the “Chat Noir” nightclub in this poster by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen and, hopefully, guests into your home. Did you know that about this image? Did you know that Steinlin was politically opposed to World War I? Doesn’t matter – cats are cute and you’re showing your guests that you adore them.



L'Instant Taittinger

L’Instant Taittinger Champagne

This poster was used to advertise Taittinger Champagne between 1988 and 1990. Now it’s used to advertise how much you have in common with its subject Grace Kelly. Did you know Grace Kelly was an actual princess? Whatever. This poster tells guests that like her, you enjoy champagne.

Martini and Rossi

Marcello Dudovich revolutionized advertising by revamping Art Nouveau into a modern context. But more importantly, classy adults love martinis. With this print on your wall, everyone will be saying, “This is a grown-up party! You are so classy.”

Absinthe Robette

This poster will say that you’re pretty open to drug use, as long as the drugs are classy French artist drugs. Did you know that Absinthe is often improperly perceived as being hallucinogenic? It doesn’t matter, because this poster will tell guests that you’re vaguely edgy and creative, yet also completely classy.


So the next time you’re shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond for a more “interesting” home décor, take a literal inventory of the subjects depicted in the artwork and ask yourself, “what will these prints say about me?”