Killer Definitely Coming for You After Finding Out You Just Watched the Horror Movie They’re In

At approximately 9:08 p.m., right when you left the theater after watching a horror film, it was reported that the killer in the movie you just saw is now coming after you due to the fact that you know they exist. 


According to reports, the unnamed killer received a phone call immediately after you watched their movie, alerting them that the time has come to track you down and murder you, just like all those other people they killed.


Eyewitnesses noticed that once you got home you locked all of your doors and windows because you had a feeling that the killer in the movie was going to come after you, too, and you were absolutely right.



In fact, you were even scared while getting into your car and driving home from the theater, because you were acutely aware of your surroundings and the possibility that the killer might be hiding in the backseat, even though you had never been scared of that before and only checked because that was something that happened in the movie you just watched.


“Obviously, the killer is coming for me next,” you said. “It’s just the logical next step to the story. I mean, if they aren’t coming to kill me, then why am I so scared?”


Additionally, you told reporters about how you checked your closet five times when you got home, and carried a flashlight to the bathroom just in case the power went out. 


“That killer isn’t going to trick me,” you said. “Even though they’re definitely lurking somewhere, waiting and watching me right now, probably.”


According to our sources, this killer always waits for people to watch his movie just so that he can go and kill them right after they watch it, and your case was no different.


However, the killer’s plan was foiled by you looking up the actor who played them, watching press circuit interviews with them, and then watching old episodes of That’s So Raven on YouTube until sunrise.