Is Your Barista the Doula For You?

You’re pregnant! Congrats! But now you’re overwhelmed, worrying about a birth plan, nursery colors, the eco-impact of diapers, and how to get a good latch. Luckily, these days, it’s common for a doula to ease the physical and emotional ordeals of pregnancy and birth. That said, choosing a doula is a highly personal decision. Fortunately, your ideal birth attendant might be someone you already know—there’s a good chance that the woman steaming milk for your macchiato is the person best equipped to help you bring life into the world! Now is a great time to ask, especially since you didn’t bother to research actual doulas and your due date is inching nearer. Here’s why:



During the several hours a day you spend at your local cafe, you’ve seen your barista stay on her feet for hours at a time. What a workhorse! If she can handle chaos and flux of multiple orders, she can also accurately communicate your anti-epidural stance to the doctor and won’t flinch when you scream in her face during 16 or more hours of labor. There’s no better person to help you get that little mocha bean into the world! She could also really use the money, so it would be good to let her know about the alternative career options that are out there.


Her Selflessness

Most of the people your barista waits on don’t know her name, but she knows theirs. She even writes them down for reference! Wow! She’s patient when people are indecisive in line; her only priority is others’ happiness (Unlike your husband, who always brings back the wrong food). Doula means “female servant” in Greek, and as your future labor masseuse, she’s showing you that servitude is her strength. All you have to do is ask!


She Cares about Women

Every latte she hands you has a voluptuous drawing of a vagina poured into the foam. Georgia O’Keeffe herself couldn’t be more obvious: This woman wants to get her hands on baby! Your husband says the drawings are of flowers and leaves, but he sees everything through the Western scientific hegemonic lens. You’ve seen how hard she concentrates on creating those liquid labia, bending over the cup as if nothing else exists; it’s like she’s aligning herself with you, signaling that she wants to be part of the process. This individual is definitely one of your best options for helping you push a baby from your uterus.


Breastfeeding Help

Don’t underestimate how much you’ll need your highly trained coffee artisan in the postpartum period—if she can work that fancy milk-steamer, than surely she can help with lactation and breastfeeding issues. She’ll make sure your baby never goes without during this fragile time.


So what are you waiting for? Go up to the counter and place your order for an unforgettable birthing experience with a double drizzle of compassion! Your barista is the doula for you!