Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas That Are Just Leftover Phone Chargers

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate togetherness, eat lots of food, and bask in the things that recharge us. Make your dinner table fun this year and try making one of these festive centerpieces out of that pile of spare phone chargers you left in your parent’s drawer 10 years ago!




The Classic Look

This is the Little Black Dress of DIY centerpieces. Since it’s comprised mostly of iPhone 5 chargers, it gives an effortless, elegant impression, but the iPhone 4 cord and your old Droid charger add a touch of whimsy. Simply throw your tangled phone chargers in the middle of your table and voilà! A classic Thanksgiving centerpiece.




The Autumn Arrangement

After placing the cords and cables at the center of your table, take a small branch of yellow or orange leaves and gently place it on your little pile of chargers. Rustic! Your family will look at this display and think, “Wow, there are her phone chargers with some leaves on top.” ’Tis the season!




The Pilgrim’s Platter

Make those pilgrims proud! This isn’t just any phone cord centerpiece; it’s a Thanksgiving phone cord centerpiece. So make it count! Dump the chargers onto a decorative paper plate that will look great next to your delicious turkey. That looks great!




The Muchas Gracias

Throwing a Friendsgiving Feast? Throw the chargers in a colorful margarita glass for a fun twist on a classic Thanksgiving phone charger centerpiece. ¡Olé!




The Intimate Thanksgiving

Planning a romantic feast just for two? Pick your favorite scented candle and place the cables around it for a nice, sensual touch to your holiday table. It may be chilly outside, but in here, it’s warm from all the charging phones!




The Cornucopia

Can’t pick just one look? That’s okay! Take your margarita glass from before (you are making all of these, right?) and arrange the cables as if they are spilling out of the cup and onto the festive plate. Cute! #TDay





The Double Cornucopia

Two is always better than one! Lay the candle onto the festive plate across from the margarita glass for an artsy look. This is for hip, modern girls who aren’t afraid to look thankful—AND prepared to charge anyone’s phone!


Whether you’re spending it with friends, family or just your significant other, you want this Thanksgiving to be a memorable one. Make it a dinner they’ll be talking about for years to come with these phone charger centerpieces!