How to Tell if He’ll Be a Good Opponent When You Argue

Dating is never a walk in the park, especially when you can’t tell if someone has the skills to hold their own in arguments you’ll have down the line in your relationship. If you think you’ve found Mr. Right, but you’re not sure if he’ll be a worthy match when you eventually get into an enornous fight over who should wash the dishes, then look for these clues that he’ll be a good opponent when you argue:


He does his research.

If you find out that he knows lots of random facts in the talking stage, then it’s practically guaranteed that he’ll have extensive proof to back up his argument that a specific Kool-Aid commercial came out in 2007, not 2008, like you said. Knowing as many facts (with sources) as you do will also keep your fights going as long as possible until one you gets tired and eventually gives in. And what’s a meaningful relationship without mental stimulation, or saying things that you may not be able to take back surrounding the Kool-Aid Man?


He uses his hands when he talks.

It’s been proven that the best speakers and debaters always gesture with their hands when they speak, which means that if your man isn’t using his hands to convey his thoughts to you when you first meet, then he’s not gonna be able to hold his own when you start a fight with him over which character from The White Lotus was the “most flawed”. If you want it to be a fair fight, then do yourself a favor and don’t pursue anyone who keeps their arms at their sides. 



He’s persistent.

You obviously don’t want a man who will back down from a challenge, especially when you two are arguing about whether Schweppes and Canada Dry taste different or not. The best opponent for a debate won’t stop until they’ve made every possible point they can in order to win, even if they wake you up in the middle of the night to tell you something they forgot to mention earlier. Luckily for you, you’ll have something to say back, which is that Canada Dry has a sweetness that Schweppes simply does not have.


So if you’re worried that you’re going to end up with someone who doesn’t know how to argue, or even worse, will let you win the fight, then use this list to spot some great debaters who will keep you on your toes, even when you don’t necessarily want them to. Afterall, who wants a relationship that’s boring when you could have one full of needless rage about things that don’t matter?