5 Things You Need to Tell Your Sex Therapist NOW So She Can Tell Her Friends

Let’s face it: nobody’s sex life is perfect. That’s why there’s no shame in seeking out a sex therapist! As long as you’re honest with your therapist about these five things, each session will build your confidence, as well as her arsenal of gossip to dish about with the girls over cocktails!


How often do you have sex?

Do you feel like you might be having too much sex? Too little? Sex therapists get the “frequency question” all the time. The truth is, whatever amount of sex you’re having is perfect—perfect for your therapist to chat about with her BFF right after your session. So spill the beans, homegirl!


Who initiates intimacy?

Asymmetrical sex drives can mean trouble for a relationship. If one partner is always the first to get frisky, it’s probably time to consult a professional! Your therapist will be able to pinpoint the root cause of your mismatched libidos and provide tailored advice, all while imagining what a kick her pals will get out of hearing your terrible secrets. Seriously, they’re gonna die when they hear about this!


How many people have you slept with?

It doesn’t seem like an obvious one, but it’s more important than ever that you tell your therapist how many people you’ve slept with. Be assured, that won’t impact your treatment at all, it’s just great conversation for your therapist and her friends when they meet up at Chili’s tonight for happy hour.


Have you ever cheated?

If you’re harboring a secret that’s been eating away at your relationship, it’s time to face it. After all, your therapist’s office is a safe zone where you can air your deepest burdens without judgment. While your therapist won’t judge you, there’s no guarantee that her friend Gail won’t when they discuss your cheating this weekend at brunch. That Gail’s a real stickler about fidelity; she’s gonna LOVE this story!


Do you have any unusual fetishes?

Don’t hesitate to get specific about what’s lacking in your sex life, even if you think your desires might be unusual. The more you get off your chest, the more your therapist will be able to help you, and the more her book club will be able to enjoy a hearty laugh over your sexual attraction to inanimate objects!


Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just dating, keeping your sex life healthy can be a challenge. So, stop putting it off and book that long-overdue appointment with a sex therapist. Just remember to bring up these five things, so she can pass all the juicy details along to her clique!