How to Seek Out Male Attention Just to Go BOO and Scare It Away

We all need some kind of attention. But as soon as you have it, you might be like, “WAIT, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS?!” Here are the best ways to get attention from guys, then go “BOO” to make it run scared back into the woods, because all you really wanted was to know you could. You don’t want that kind of attention to be permanent!


Change Up Your Look

In order to get seen by that coveted male gaze, try changing up your look! Getting a fresh new updo, or experiment with your style to get the attention of a man who was not paying attention to you before. And then once you have his attention, you’ll realize it’s legit terrifying and way too much pressure. This is when you can scream “BOO” real big until it runs back to where it came from. But first, you have to get that male attench!



Dazzle Him With Your Mind

If you scared away all the men that were drawn to your new look, don’t worry! There are still a whole slew of men that will be attracted to your mind. Lure him in with interesting thoughts and sprinkle in some wit. Great, now you have his male attention! Then, as soon as you have it and realize you don’t even like anything about this man, throw on a mask and get ready to scare him off. Just growl until his fight-or-flight instincts kick in. Hopefully he flights, but if he fights, fight him back. He will eventually get scared of your hisses and run away. Now you’re safe from any male comments about your existence, good or bad!


Create an Air of Mystery

One last tactic to get that male attention is to pique his curiosity. Tell him a few things about yourself, but not everything – maybe even start a rumor and get it to circulate back to him. This way, he will keep coming back for more. And every time he comes back you can wait for him to pass a doorway so you can jump out of it screaming “BOO! BOO! GO AWAY, YOU MAN!” He will not love it, but he will most certainly get away from you quickly. Now you can always remember that you had his male attention and go back to the cozy warm solitude you actually crave.


Male attention is one of those things that you can’t live without, but you definitely cannot live with it for more than a few hours because it becomes a burden. So just go “BOO!” Or maybe tell him you love him. Lucky for you, men scare easy!