How to Say ‘The Weather Is So Warm and Nice Today’ With an Appropriate Level of Concern

There’s nothing like a warm day in the middle of winter to brighten your spirits. However, with the whole “climate change” thing to consider, scorching days in February are also a cause for concern. Here’s how to say, “The weather is so warm and nice today!” with the right amount of apprehension to convey you know that’s a bad, bad thing.


Grab your friend’s arm and whisper it like a scientist sharing bad news with a colleague.

Everyone knows the best part of nice weather is getting to talk about it with your friends, but you don’t want to seem like an absolute dunce who doesn’t recognize the cosmic consequences of it being 60 degrees mid-winter. Strike the perfect balance by pulling your friend aside and whispering that it’s nice outside in a hushed tone, much like a climate scientist who has just learned we only have one year left on this planet. Bonus points for pulling a chart from your bag that has tracked the slow increase in temperature and greenhouse gas concentration over the last 40 years!


If you’re texting someone, be sure to add a frowny face.

When you get outside on a nice warm day, you’re going to want to text everyone you know that it’s surprisingly super nice out. This can be insensitive, though, considering the state of CO2 levels in the atmosphere, so be sure to add a few frowny faces that suggest, “I’m a little upset by this.” For example, try “It’s so nice out :(“ or “This is the kind of weather that makes me want to frolic, to skip – nay – to keep living :///” Add more frowns or slashes as you see appropriate. Crisis averted! Not the big one though…



Don’t go crazy with the concern thing – nobody likes a Debbie Downer.

It’s important to sound concerned that it’s a beautiful summer day in February, but make sure you don’t go overboard and kill the vibe completely. Make a slight acknowledgement that good weather is a bad thing, but cut it there. Sure, the state of the world is generally bad, but if you don’t enjoy the consequences of unbridled industrial expansion, who will? The water’s warm, and before it kills you, take a swim!


Follow these simple tips and you’ll strike the perfect balance between elation and concern in no time! So get out there and enjoy spring while it lasts, and when the scales of the climate crisis are irreparably tipped in favor of a scorched earth, try to enjoy that, too!