Gentleman Alert! Coworker Would Say You Look Nice But ‘Apparently That’s Not Allowed Anymore’

Proving once and for all that chivalry is not dead, coworker Bart Kelly would say you look nice but “apparently that’s not allowed anymore.”


Way to demonstrate your commitment to keeping your workplace safe and comfortable, Bart!


“When I came in today, Bart looked me up and down, then later came up to me and said the thing about how he wasn’t allowed to compliment me,” you say. “Now I sort of wish I had worn a higher cut shirt today, so, that’s a fun feeling.”


“I don’t really want him commenting on my appearance at all,” you add. “But if he’s going to, just saying I look nice would have been less creepy and betrayed less of a weird misunderstanding of the actual issue.”


Okay, ungrateful!


But despite it being a thankless job, Bart doesn’t stop at passive-aggressive and whiny comments to his female coworkers that seem to demand they feel bad for him for not being allowed to harass them.


“He also does this thing where he’ll dramatically hold his hands up while he walks behind any of the women who work here, like, to prove he’s not going to grope us?” you say. “It is not good.”


While Bart tries his best with his ironic displays of abiding by “the new rules of PC culture”, sometimes even this perfect gentleman feels he can’t do enough.



“Anything can be called harassment these days,” Bart says. “Maybe I should just never look at or speak to a woman at work again.”


According to you, that sounds great.