How to Stop Texting Him Except For When You’re Sad, Bored, or Feel Like It

So your friends have begged you to stop reaching out to him, and he doesn’t even read your messages anymore – but it can be hard to cut off communication with an ex. Here are some strategies to finally stop texting him, once and for all – except for like, if you’re bored, or sad, or just in the mood to send a kind of desperate text. Here’s how!


Change his name in your contacts.

While deleting his number might be a better option if you actually want to stop texting him for good, simply changing his name in your contacts is great if you just want to halfheartedly pretend you won’t hit him up the next time you’re feeling lonely at 2 a.m. If you’re more committed in your resolve, try changing his name to “Mom” or “Diane Therapist” to really trick your brain into not reaching out to him.


Mute him on social media.

If you can’t see what he’s up to, you’ll be less likely to want to reach out. By muting him on Instagram, you’ll only be tempted to text him when you’re desperately bored – not because you saw a picture of him on vacation in Montreal and want to “know what Canada is like.”



Text a friend instead.

By actively engaging your friends in conversation, you’ll fill the void that was left by not seeing his name pop up on your phone. However, if your friend isn’t really offering the type of insight you’re looking for regarding the timeline of the Kennedy family, then totally ditch that conversation and text him instead. He has a weird amount of knowledge about the Kennedy political empire, and you have some time to kill on your commute. Plus, if he doesn’t respond, you can just blame it on the shoddy subway Wi-Fi.


So, give these tips a shot if you want to try and stop texting him. But if you text him when you’re sad, bored, or just feeling like it, then that’s actually fine and, honestly, empowering. It doesn’t matter whether or not he gets back to you, because you’ll just shoot him another text the next time you’re supposed to be responding to work emails, anyway.