Mom Demands to Know How You Plan On Enjoying This Nice Weather

An unseasonably sunny day was interrupted this morning when your mom called, demanding to know how you planned on enjoying this beautiful day.


“Maybe you should take a walk down by the water,” she insisted in a threatening tone, even though you were still in your pajamas and just kind of enjoying the view from your window. “So, what do you think you’ll do? Hmm?”


“Maybe,” you responded, which just wasn’t enough for your hell-bent mother, who again asked, “Well, what are you going to do to enjoy this day? It’s so nice out.”


“You should enjoy it while it lasts,” she said, followed by an ominous silence.


After explaining several times that yes, you do have plans to call some friend and go outside eventually, she interrupted: “You should all up some friends and see what they’re up to. Gotta be some good stuff going on, with all this sunshine.”



This is not the first time your mother has called you to badger you about your behavior in nice weather, as she has a much greater appreciation for the rare and simple pleasure of a nice day compared to her unappreciative daughter. Your mother wishes she had another child who would appreciate things more.
When asked what she was planning to take advantage of the nice weather, your mother was unsure, explaining, “Oh, I don’t know. I should really clean out that hall closet.”


But your mother did not let the topic go for a full ten-minute conversation, in an apparent attempt to live vicariously through your sunny day plans.
“Well, let me know what you end up doing,” she said as she hung up the phone. “You really don’t wanna waste a day like today. I better call your sister and ask what she’s planning to do, too.”